The founder of Mitsubishi is named Iwasaki Yataro. Clearly, the name Mitsubishi is nothing close to that, so where does the Mitsubishi name come from?

The Meaning Behind Mitsubishi

Many people don’t realize that the company began in 1870 as a shipping business. In 1873, its name was changed to Mitsubishi Shokai. The name has two parts. The first part is “mitsu” and it means “three.” The second part, “hishi” (morphs into “bishi”), means water chestnut, represented by the diamonds in the logo. And, as you can see in the Mitsubishi logo, there are three of those diamonds, so the name fits. 

First Mitsubishi Car

As we stated above, Mitsubishi started as a shipping company in the 19th Century. So, at one point did they actually get into the car business. Well, it wasn’t until 1917 when Mitsubishi began mass producing vehicles. In fact, the company developed the very first mass-production car in Japanese history. It was called the Model-A. Mitsubishi got into the aircraft business during WWII and really didn’t get back into the car business until the 1950s and 1960s. It wasn’t until 1971 that Mitsubishi sold its first car in America, branded as the Dodge Colt 

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC)

In connection with the certification process for the mini-cars manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), we found that with respect to the fuel consumption testing data submitted to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), MMC conducted testing improperly to present better fuel consumption rates than the actual rates; and that the testing method was also different from the one required by Japanese law. We express deep apologies to all of our customers and stakeholders for this issue.

Mini Car Models

The applicable cars are four mini-car models:

  • Two of which are the “eK Wagon” and “eK Space” which have been manufactured by MMC;
  • The other two are the “Dayz” and “DayzRoox” which have been manufactured by MMC and supplied to Nissan Motors Corporation (NM) since June 2013.

Up until the end of March 2016, MMC has sold 157 thousand units of the eK Wagon and eK Space and supplied 468 thousand units of the Dayz and DayzRoox to NM.

Fuel Consumption Testing

Since MMC developed the applicable cars and was responsible for obtaining the relevant certifications, MMC conducted fuel consumption testing. In the process of the development for the next generation of mini-car products, NM examined the fuel consumption rates of the applicable cars for NM’s reference and found deviations in the figures. NM requested MMC to review the running resistance(*) value set by MMC during tests by MMC. In the course of our internal investigation upon this request, MMC learned of the improper conduct that MMC used the running resistance value for testing which provided more advantageous fuel consumption rates than the actual rates. MMC will sincerely respond to our customers who owOne of the first cars imported after the opening of the Brazilian market in the 90’s, the ured in Japan instead of the United States, as was the case with the coupe ford covers for car.

Versions of Mitsubishi in Brazil

Mitsubishi has just launched in Brazil in two versions:

  • HPE-S

Both have 1.5 turbocharged 165 hp and 25.5 kgfm always with gasoline (the brand did not fit the engine for ethanol) and eight-speed CVT transmission. The difference is that the first has front and second, integral traction (hence the acronym AWC). It is an SUV bigger than the ASX and smaller than the Outlander, but not that cheap: it costs R $ 149,990 in the first version and R $ 155,990 in the second. Unsurprisingly, this price brings plenty of technology such as blind spot warning, rear traffic warning, stability control and autonomous braking system, among others. The trunk is 473 liters and the wheels are 18-inch rim. As you can see, nothing to remember the already classic Eclipse.n and use the applicable cars.

Third Generation of SUV Montero Sports

The third generation of the SUV Montero Sport presents a radical change with respect to previous models. Its performance, design, safety and sophistication have been significantly improved, making it one of the best SUV in the market.

Reasons of Buying Mitsubishi Motors

Following are the reasons that you should buy Mitsubishi 4*4 Trucks

  1. Control in any way


The New Montero Sport adopts a new 4 × 4 drive system, which allows it to become an off-road truck , the Super Select 4WD-II which provides the comfort and confidence that every driver needs, allowing your vehicle to adapt to different surfaces . This system offers 4 options that you can select depending on the condition you face. The 2H, sends the power to the rear wheels and is ideal for urban use or on long-haul roads, it also allows you to save fuel. In the 4H, all four wheels offer greater traction on difficult roads and in poor condition.For much more rugged terrain and low grip surfaces, the 4HLC provides the same power to both the front and rear wheels, while maintaining vehicle stability and control. The 4LLc is ideal for steep hills or paths with rock, mud, sand, deep snow, etc.

  1. Powerful motor


Efficient motorization and high performance driving thanks to the two types of MIVEC engine available in the different versions. The 3.0 L MIVEC gasoline engine has a capacity of 2,998 CC, has 6 cylinders, 24 valves per cylinder, a power of 216 HP and 29 Kgm of torque. The Highpower 2.4 L oil engine offers a capacity of 2,442 CC, 4 cylinders, 16 valves, 178 HP, 44 Kgm of torque.

  1. Comfort


Feel that you travel in first class or exploring difficult roads thanks to the design of the New Montero Sport. It has 7 seats, the third row has been designed for adults so everyone will travel comfortably. In addition, their seats are folding and leather, if you decide to fold the second and third row you will have more space in the trunk, but you will continue traveling without problems. Another characteristic that improves the experience is the soundproofing inside the cabin, especially for the moments of greater traffic, mitigating all the noises that come from the outside. And with the dual zone climate control air conditioning you can have separate temperature controls for both the driver and the co-pilot. Second and third row passengers can also travel in a warm environment.

  1. Security


The New Montero Sport has an advanced level of safety and reliability, among its main featuresare:

RISE body

The evolution of Impact Safety or RISE body significantly increases safety by effectively absorbing energy and maintaining the integrity of the cab in the event of a collision.

Frontal collision mitigation system (FCM)

The FCM reduces the risk of frontal crashes through a radar on the front and depending on the situation the automatic braking assistance is applied to prevent a collision. In both levels an on-screen warning is displayed to inform the driver that the system will stop the vehicle.

Blind Spot Warning (BSW)

This system uses ultrasonic sensors attached to detect vehicles in blind spots for both the right and left sides. The BSW is very useful to use both in the city and on the road when you want to change lanes. The system detects the presence of another vehicle, circulating in any of the zero visibility zones, and a visible signal illuminates in the outer side mirrors.

Ultrasonic Misacceleration Mitigation System (UMMS)

It helps to prevent collisions in case the driver confuses the brake with the accelerator. The system controls engine power and acceleration when it detects an object in front of the vehicle. In addition to the RISE body and the FCM, BSW and UMMS systems, the New Montero Sport has a back-up camera, a 360º multi-camera parking assistance system and 5 different possible combinations of the 360º view.

Benefits of Having Super All-Wheel Control on Mitsubishi Vehicles

Are you in search of a new vehicle? Well you are on the right track by choosing a Mitsubishi. With a Mitsubishi vehicle, you will enjoy top-notch quality and performance. You will also enjoy state-of-the-art technology like Super All-Wheel Control. If you are wondering what Super All-Wheel Control is and if you should invest in it, please continue reading to find out.

What is Super All-Wheel Control?

Super All-Wheel Control (also known as S-AWC) is Mitsubishi’s specially-designed technology that delivers extra power and traction to all of the vehicle’s wheels. With S-AWC, you will have an easier time handling snow and ice-covered roads during NYC’s famous winters.

Does S-AWC Work for Rainy Weather?

Yes! While S-AWC is more renowned for its awesome handling on snow-covered asphalt, it is perfect for NYC’s rain-soaked streets as well! While it is currently the summer season and hope that winter weather stays away for a good long while, we recommend purchasing a Mitsubishi model outfitted with S-AWC so you can road trip with ease during these summer months – especially when encountering torrential rain while exploring other areas of the United States.

Mitsubishi Models Available with S-AWC

S-AWC is available for the following Mitsubishi vehicles:

  • Eclipse Cross
  • Outlander Sport
  • Outlander
  • Outlander PHEV

What makes Mitsubishi vehicles such a great choice? Learn more about the popular models we proudly sell here at Continental Mitsubishi!


Originally built as a subcompact car in 1998, the Mitsubishi Mirage not only became more compact in size over the years but more fuel efficient. Today it is one of the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid vehicles on the American market. With a spacious interior and an affordable price, the Mitsubishi Mirage is ideal for commuters.

Mirage G4

Offering high fuel economy and easy maneuverability, the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is a great pick for Chicago drivers. Taking the sporty good looks and performance of the Mirage and putting them in a compact car, the Mirage G4 is as stylish as it is practical. With the Mirage G4, drivers get the fuel economy you’d expect from a hybrid vehicle, with the reliability of a gas-powered vehicle.

Eclipse Cross

After a brief production hiatus, the Mitsubishi Eclipse is back and better than ever as the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. With the sporty appeal of the original Eclipse, and adding a new, versatile crossover compact SUV construction, the Eclipse Cross is more than ready to take on the road with a long list of available specs and features.

Eclipse sports car was the dream of many people at the time. With its instigating design and retractable headlights, the coupe was launched by Mitsubishi in 1990 and arrived in our country shortly thereafter. Although the look was very sporty, the Eclipse did not get a brilliant performance since its engines had between 92 and 210 hp, but delivered enough for its price. The first generation lasted until 1995 when the second was released, without the retractable headlights but with an asset, to be one of the cars of the movie series Fast and Furious, then at the peak of tuning, a movement that modified cars in search of more performance but sometimes only a unique look. The Eclipse lasted until 2011 with the fourth generation, but already without the initial brightness. But Mitsubishi has not given up on bringing the car back, although this is not a good return. In 2017 the Japanese manufacturer used the denomination to baptize a new sport utility, the Eclipse Cross . There we have the unique relationship between him the sporty of the past, the name. Already aware of the growing market for urban SUVs – also called crossovers – the brand sought to brand the new model with some easy reference to be captured by customers. The Eclipse Cross, however, is manufactured.


Powerful, sophisticated and rugged, the Mitsubishi Outlander is a multi-tasker. It has plenty of space for cargo and up to five passengers and delivers great fuel economy. The Outlander works hard for its owner and aims to please. It is, in fact, one of the most rugged and capable crossover SUVs on the market.

Outlander Sport

The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport first hit the scene in 2011 with a mission to combine style and comfort. It was mission accomplished and the Outlander Sport delivers impressive fuel economy and capability for a crossover SUV. Even rugged terrain doesn’t stand a chance to the power of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

Outlander PHEV

Offering the spacious design and versatile functionality of the Outlander, with the fuel-saving prowess of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is making its debut in the United States. Its PHEV design makes the newest version of the Mitsubishi Outlander a born money-saver.

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